Welcome to Bessie London.

Bessie London started out in the heart of Shoreditch with a stall on the famous Columbia Road Flower Market. That unique blend of natural vibrancy and East London creativity was a huge inspiration for us as we started out. It still is. The flowers, the colours, the smells, the art, the trend-setting crowd– they all come through in the hand bags that we design for the contemporary urban woman.

It’s an approach that has helped us establish a brand that’s growing fast and rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in the business.

If we have a secret it’s that we get the basics right. In-house design. Quality materials. Top-notch manufacturing. This is what enables us to create bags that look great and feel great. Bags that speak to today’s stylish women who want accessories that are as functional as they are beautiful, uplifting everyday styles.

Some numbers about us